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Careers at C-DAC Mumbai

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) represents a unique facet to the nation's policies and initiatives in Information Technology. As an institution for high end Research and Development (R&D), C-DAC has been at the forefront of the Information Technology (IT) revolution, constantly building capacities in emerging technologies, innovating and leveraging its expertise, calibre and skill sets to develop and deploy IT solutions for different sectors of the economy, as per the mandate of its parent, the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and other stakeholders including funding agencies, collaborators, users and the market-place.

The decade and a half of core competence garnered through its R&D activities has enabled C-DAC to consolidate its brand equity as a leader for innovative Information Technology (IT) and electronic technologies, products and services. The technologies that C-DAC has addressed include High Performance Computing (HPC) including Scientific Modelling & Visualization; Multilingual Computing, Applied Artificial Intelligence and Speech Processing; Software including Open Source Software (Linux), Multimedia, Graphics and Database Technologies; Strategic and Power Electronics and Agri-electronics; Real Time Systems, Embedded Systems and VLSI Design; Health Informatics; Geomantic; Cyber Security; Digital / Broadband and Wireless Networks; e-Governance and ICT for Digital Divide; and Education and Training including e-Learning.

C-DAC, over the years, has diversified its activities, transferring the expertise it acquired and technologies it developed to industry, end-users and the market-place to further develop and deploy advanced Information Technology (IT) based solutions in key sectors of the economy like Science and Technology, Healthcare, Power, Steel, Defence, Telecom, Agriculture, Industrial Controls, Broadcasting, Education and e-Governance. These initiatives have played a major role in cataloging economic activity and enhancing efficiencies through the use of ICT products / solutions in these economic and social sectors. Simultaneously, C-DAC has continued to add new feathers to its cap with the coming together of other R&D Labs, into several related areas of technology like power electronics, agri-electronics and wireless that hold great benefit to the nation and citizens.